South Leeds Golf Club History

Building for the Future

We step forward in time to the year 1975. This year heralds the beginning of a number of major changes to the facilities of the golf club. The first of these was the infamous locker rooms. The legendary barn was demolished and a car park constructed in its stead. Also the ladies and gentlemen's locker rooms were erected at a cost to the club of only £36,000. Club members who gave of their time and skills in order that costs could be kept within manageable proportions undertook much of the work on the locker rooms.

A brief reference was made earlier in this book to the unstinting generosity of some of the early members of South Leeds Golf Club. We proudly point out that that spirit of generosity exists in no small measure to this day. The members involved in constructing the locker rooms are in most cases still members of the golf club at the time of writing. I have not identified them and am certain that they would not wish me to do so. The work they did was for the collective good of their golf club. These persons neither requested nor sought any form of thanks or acknowledgement. I do hope they each allow a brief smile of self-satisfaction to spread across their face if and when they read this section of the book.

Things moved on a pace in comparison to out first sixty-nine years. The next addition to the facilities of the clubhouse was the construction of the member's lounge. The lounge (now the television room) was constructed two short years later in 1977 at a cost of £18,000. The new lounge was a welcome addition to our facilities as during this period the social side of the club was still thriving and the envy of some more prestigious neighbours in the city. The task of upgrading the golf club facilities was completed in the year 1982 by the opening of the new clubhouse. The old wooden hut was demolished and in its place the clubhouse rose like a phoenix from the ashes. The cost of construction was prohibitive amounting to some £110,000

The Start

A New Home

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