Dr Alister MacKenzie

The first change to the original layout of our golf course occurred in the year 1922 and was due to the construction of the Middleton Ring Road. The Leeds City Council took the decision to route the Middleton section of the new city Ring Road right through the middle of our beloved golf course. By way of compensation for the disruption the council on 31 st December 1922 paid to South Leeds Golf Club £750-0s-0d which was not an inconsiderable amount of money at that time. South Leeds Golf Club owes the Leeds City Council of that era a huge debt of gratitude for their actions. The construction of the new Ring Road had the effect of cutting the golf course in three sections much to the displeasure of the membership at that time. It was apparent that the course would require major reconstruction following the intrusion of the RingRoad.For this purpose the directors engaged the services of Dr Alister MacKenzie to design a series of new holes to replace holes lost or flawed due to the road construction. The British Golf Course Construction Company who's Managing Directors was Major CA MacKenzie (the brother of Alister) was engaged to carry out the work subject to Dr MacKenzie's supervision.

Dr Alister MacKenzie was born in 1870 and died in 1934 and was responsible for the design of about 100 golf courses worldwide. Augusta, Royal Melbourne and Cyprus Point are but a few of his golf courses that spring readily to mind.

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