South Leeds Golf Club History

The Start

The founding fathers of our Golf Club at its Rothwell Haigh location were Mr Harry Howell, Mr Frederick J Brown and Mr J Pratt. All three were businessmen of some substance and local standing. The three friends wished to play their golf at a location nearer to their places of work on the south side of the city. At that time South Leeds was the industrial heartland of the city and no such facility existed or had even been considered.

The three men hit upon the idea of renting one or two fields upon which they would construct a few rudimentary holes over which they could indulge their passion for golf. In the year 1906 the three friends found what we now think to be Rose Cottage Farm at Rothwell Haigh on the outskirts of the city. They rented a couple of fields from the farmer and constructed a rather basic but functional few golf holes.

Being businessmen our founding fathers came to an accommodation regarding the rent. Initially a basic rent for the land acquired was agreed. Any rent increase was to be based upon the number of members of the club and persons playing the course. These numbers would correlate to the amount of land that would be required to extend the golf course to accommodate them.

A New Home

Alister Mckenzie

Building for the Future


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